The Manifesto

b2bTRIBE is a community of ENTREPRENEURS and SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS – supporting, uplifting, educating, and laughing with other entrepreneurs and small business owners. We work hard, build smart, and play harder. We’re CREATIVE and RESOURCEFUL.

We are Independents, Democrats, Republicans, and Unaffiliated. We are multi-dimensional, MULTI-CULTURAL, multi-racial, multi-ethnic. We are straight, gay, married, single, divorced, widowed, wounded, and EMPOWERED. We’re a rainbow of PERSONALITIES peppered with type A and high D – and various degrees of ADD.

We are introverts who have been transformed to functional extroverts; we are extroverts taking relationships to new heights. We are dreamers with goals. WE ARE POSITIVE AND ENERGETIC. We love technology, simplicity, complexity, and nature. We thrive to challenge the status quo; BREAKTHROUGHS and DISRUPTIONS are our norm. WE EXEMPLIFY COURAGE.

We are mostly unemployable, yet we know how to work for 30 bosses at once. WE ARE SERVERS to our clients, our staff, our community. We charge fairly and give genuinely. We laugh often and deeply. We are PASSIONATE.

We differ in practices and opinions; we are unique. We infuse our unique beliefs into our businesses and our businesses are viable and profitable. WE ARE THE BACKBONE of our city and our country.

We are united as a tribe. We are entrepreneurs and small business owners SERVING ONE ANOTHER and the community. We strive for and obtain EXCELLENCE.

We are the b2bTRIBE.

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